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Category: 2015

Second Look: 2015 Lexus GS350 F SPORT

When it comes straight down to the business executive saloon, the Lexus GS350 has been fighting for the torch that the BMW 5-Series has been holding so proudly for years. […]

First Drive: 2015 Infiniti QX80 AWD Limited

After a long generation of eco-hippie extremists attempting to take down the large luxo-ute market, its SUV’s like this Infiniti QX80 that spits out hundred-dollar bills from its exhaust that […]

First Drive: 2015 Lexus NX300h

As the Audi Q3, Acura RDX, and Mercedes-Benz GLA start to trump the small-luxo-ute market to mid-level manager, Lexus had to join in on this multi-billion dollar niche and launched their new […]

First Drive: 2015 Toyota Prius Five

The world has changed from a decade ago. Global warming is now considered climate change, we’ve obtain satellite images of Pluto, and Toyota is attempting to make the Prius cool. Mind […]

Second Look: 2015 Nissan Sentra SR

It’s hard to believe after two years into its seventh generation, Nissan is starting to make some subtle changes to the Sentra for 2015 by offering some new packages and […]

Second Look: 2015 Lexus LS460 F SPORT

In a world of large ultimate luxury performance based sedan, anything under six figures is going to be considered a bargain. The LS460 is Lexus’ largest ultra-luxury sedan, and like […]

First Drive: 2015 Lexus ES350

These day’s, Lexus has been pushing the boundaries of design making a unflinching statement for the new upcoming generation of Lexusbots. With the introduction of the new NX and RC […]

First Drive: 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE

Sacrificing driving dynamics for higher MPG’s usually would be the case when in the market for a family friendly Hybrid. However, considering that Toyota’s top selling SE trim on their Camry […]