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2014 Car of the Year

This has been quite the successful year for Six Speed Blog. We have tested nearly 50 cars ranging from the typical small sedan to your most luxurious land yachts, with a few thrills in between. We feel, this now qualifies us to look upon the past and determine which car ultimately deserves to be called car of the year.

Because we had so much diversity, it’s only fair if we split them up:

Compact Car of the Year:

Hyundai Elantra GT

2014 Hyundai Elantra GT

Midsize Car of the Year:

Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited

2015 Subaru Legacy

Small Crossover of the Year:

Hyundai Tucson Limited

2014 Hyundai Tucson

SUV of the Year:

Toyota 4Runner Limited

Toyota 4Runner

Small Luxury Car of the Year:

Lexus IS350

2014 Lexus IS350

Large Luxury Car of the Year:


2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport

Sport Car of the Year:

Scion FR-S

Scion FR-S

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