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Where’d We Go: Route 66, Oatman, AZ

A while back I mentioned about changes and introducing some of the places we go and see. And while I had incorporated them into my reviews, it just felt unnatural. So here’s to trying another something new.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on any trips so when my friend Chandler had mentioned this little town called Oatman in northwestern Arizona, I pulled up google maps and started my research. Oatman is actually an old Route 66 town that’s is now known for its tourism of historic facade buildings and old western themes. But it used to be an old mining town in the early 1900’s. I’ve been to the majority of the Route 66 towns in Arizona like Winslow, Peach Springs and Valentine – but Oatman, this the first I’m hearing of it, so I just had to hit the road.


Oatman is just over 200 miles from Phoenix, the trip can be done in a single day, but considering I had planned on a late start with needing to do a photo shoot of my tester that week, I decided to split it over two days. 

Here is the trip:

The car I had on test this week was a 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve with the 2.7-liter twin turbocharged V-6 EcoBoost with 335-horsepower and 380lb-ft of torque. This was a great car to have for this trip as it was super comfy, cloud like suspension, and an engine that gobbled up the highway and passed everything that slowed me down.

Before heading out on my trip, I topped of the tank with its required Premium fuel from one of my favorite gas stations, QuikTrip, grabbed some snacks for the 3.5 hour drive and hit the road. Between Phoenix and Oatman, there’s nothing – no really, its a town called Nothing, Arizona. Its basically a sign and an abandoned convenience store, but its always worth a stop for a quick pic. The drive is fairly non-entertaining so with the adaptive cruise control set, the massage seats set to low, and the steering assist system to help keep me in the lane, I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the ride. 

 Once I arrived in Oatman, I arrived a bit late, as it seemed. The town was starting to close up shop. I arrived just after 5:00pm, but most of the shops were closed and there was nothing to eat. I was a little disappointed to say the least as the town was full of gift shops, the most interesting thing to the town was the road that lead up to it as it was narrow and full of switchback curves. My friend Tyson encouraged me to stop at an old Gas Station with historic pumps in Cool Springs, since it was on my way… and I do love me some antique pumps.

Since I was making this a two day trip, the nearest town was Needles, California – my hotel was a lavish Day’s Inn for a mere $59.99 a night but what made my night special was the Juicy Café which came recommended by the Hotel receptionist. It’s a small town diner, everyone knows everyone, and the out-of-towners can be spotted a mile away. I took the waitress recommendation and had the Baja Burger – it was delicious! As well as the Salted Carmel Cheesecake they had! Before heading back to Phoenix the next day, it was round two for gas and low and behold, California prices left me with a sticker shock.

And lastly, because everyone insisted this was done – Oh Mathew McCaughey, you bring us so much joy.

This video doesn’t exist




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