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Media Preview: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica


The world is changing, rapidly. The demand for technology, luxury, and features is constantly increasing and when consumers snub their noses with an arduous attitude at the minivan segment, it’s a field that is slowly dying away. So when Chrysler revealed the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica as a replacement for the Town & Country, they’re pulling out all the stops to satisfy both worlds of family comfort with the pleasures of driving.

After nearly 30 years of being the original, Chrysler continues to fight to be the best it can be by offering first in class segmental features that goes far beyond power sliding doors.  Five trim levels will be offered across the board starting at $28,595 to a fully loaded Limited that can top off at the 50-grand range.


No matter the trim level, each Pacifica is treated with the same underpinnings – a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and 9-speed automatic at the front, independent rear suspension at the back, and a whole lot of chassis strengthen in the middle. Even with getting a little wider, a little longer, and little lower, the Pacifica managed to lose 250lbs over the previous generation Town & Country.

Chrysler wants to be top dog – not just segment leading. They noted that 28 mpg is not new news when the Honda Odyssey can do that, but what the Odyssey doesn’t have is 287-horsepower – 30 more than Honda. The Pacifica is claimed to be quick on its toes to 60 mph in just over seven seconds.

Back in the day, Chrysler (and Dodge) we’re the first at everything! They were the first to bring in dual sliding doors, the first to add power sliding doors, stow-n-go seating and so on. For 2017, they wanted to bring back that title and offer lots of tech and gadgets to the segment to one-up its competition like the multi-user connect interface rear seat entertainment system that can use apps and USB connection to watch movies, play games, or our personal favorite, the “Are We There Yet App” which allows the kiddo’s to track the vehicles location. If only we had it so good growing up.


Chrysler’s main target is the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey seeing as the Nissan Quest and Kia Sedona still don’t quite hold a strong enough grip on the market. Chrysler took a good idea Honda had, and made it better by incorporating things like a vacuum hose that is 12-feet long with accessories and in a better location than the Odyssey.

Chrysler is also priding themselves on the technology that has for gone into the Pacifica by offering features like adaptive cruise control and automatic braking assist that can bring you to a full stop and restart the car back up again, heated second row seats, ventilated front seats, panoramic sunroof, a heated steering wheel and an assortment of other safety features like blind spot monitor, lane departure warning and assist, park assist, and a birds-eye-view 360-degree camera – of course to be seen more likely on the heavily equipped Limited.


Our quick couple mile loop gave us a small minded taste of what the suite family life could be like. We sampled the fully loaded Limited that was rolling on 20-inchers that would leave the school zone mom’s with envious eyes of jealousy. But this is the cool kidz zone only, Momsters – haters gonna hate! Improvements to the sound density make the cabin a much quieter place and with the handsome well thought interior, it makes it a place we wouldn’t spending every day. Stow-n-go seating is still available here; however, Chrysler has simplified it by adding nifty easy access buttons and single hand pulley’s to make it easier on the driver.

With Matt McAlear, the Senior Manager for Chryslers Brand and Product Marketing thoroughly walked us through the 2017 Pacifica; he needless to say even got us excited for a new ground breaking minivan. Only time will tell if the Pacifica hits a home run with its consumers… but at least in our office, we can’t wait to get our hands one.






  1. Haha, I just picture the moms at the school zone with envious eyes of jealousy for those 20-inch wheels! Lots of cool tech in that minivan! It’s a rolling entertainment system.

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