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Where’d We Go: Rocky Mountains, Colorado – Part 3

Another cold morning awaited me in Cheyenne, thankfully, this time I prepared. I had a set schedule for today since I had to get back to Denver to make my flight – I was going to go to the Rocky Mountains. However when I woke, and pulled my feet in under the covers, I said an inappropriate word and rolled back over. What was supposed to be a 8:00am scheduled time of leaving ended up being almost Noon. I decided at that point, the Rocky Mountains can wait; after all, I’m sure I’ll be back.

Since I cut Rocky Mountains out, I had a little bit of time to go exploring. Right across the street was Cheyenne Depot Plaza and one of the original Wrangler shops. I asked the concierge of my hotel if there was anything else worth seeing, and in a surprising valley girl voice “not really” was her response…. Okay!

Since Toyota did loan me the car, I did a quick photo shoot and decided to part ways with Cheyenne. Maybe I’ll hang out in Denver a bit…


That ended up not being the case. Traffic was clear and the roads were open. As I neared Denver, I looked at the time – it was only 1:00pm. I didn’t have to be at the airport till 7:00pm. I relooked how far and how much time the Rockies would take, and to my surprise it was only a couple of hours.

Glad I made the detour – look what I came across… definitely worth the 2 and half hour detour. Next time, if time permits, I’d like to explore more of the Rocky Mountains. I stayed on course and didn’t venture off – I’d like to see if access to the summit is possible – there was snow up on the peaks.



So then it was back to Denver, an uneventful drive that left me returning the car back to Toyota’s top secret location and still arriving 3 and half hours earlier than my flight… meh!




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