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A Week Being Smart


It’s half the size of an old Caprice

We see a lot of cars come through our garage – some make an impression, some we don’t want to let go and some we can’t wait to give the keys back. When the all-new 2017 Smart ForTwo Cabro arrived at our office, it was immediately one of the most exciting cars we’ve ever received keys to. Which, I guess also says a lot about the cars we test. Either way, the Smart ForTwo is completely different than our normal road test cars – it sits 73” long, has two seats, and trunk big enough for a Chihuahua tote bag.


Since a Smart ForTwo can be dolled up any way its buyer would like, we’d have to say that the one that showed up here was rather conservative wearing a midnight blue over a gloss white body with a bright white and smurf interior. It didn’t matter where we were and where we went, it attracted more attention than a Kardashian scandal. Its cute little demeanor had people shouting “Cute Car!” “I love your car!”, “Oh wow, what kind of car is that?!” Considering the majority of these shouters were women, it made for a great wingman.

We treated the Smart ForTwo like our normal car for seven days – we took it to dinner, to events, to work, and to the store. Everywhere it went it just had this aurora of putting people in a good mood. On one day, with a coworker, jamming to some beats through the JBL audio system we found random pedestrians and other motorist dancing and singing along to us – are we in a commercial?


Even driving a Smart ForTwo always made us giggle. It’s always a happy little car – its turning radius always got us out of traffic situation and made parking super-duper easy. Even though it’s a 3-cylinder engine, it was turbocharged and made it quick and would spree through traffic like a roadrunner. Living with it can even be justified – slightly. We wouldn’t mind driving the Smart ForTwo for hours and hours, it’s that comfortable and on cold morning we took advantage of the heated seats – ahhhhhh yezzzzzzzzz!


The Smart was also extremely popular amongst our group of friends. Nobody had actually been inside of a Smart ForTwo and I had a week filled schedule of many people to show it off too. Something so little brought so much joy to people lives. Especially when showing them the party piece of its tail chasing ability.


22-ft turning radius. Spin for dayzzzz

The truth is however, while we enjoyed the Smart ForTwo and all of its charm – this was one we were ready to give the keys back. We needed to go grocery shopping and run errands that required a trunk large enough to take a case of water. It was being Smart for a week, but we’re glad to be back to reality.

Spotted by a friend in his office high-rise as I drove past


  1. That shot from Banner’s north tower 7th floor! “Eagle Eyes Jack” doesn’t miss a thing. This was a fun ride, and one of the only cars I’ve had a non-car friend comment about. “I drove past your house earlier and saw a cute little car in the driveway.”

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