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New Perspective: 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SEL


In today’s world of automotive influences, there is no such thing as a bad car. Especially when nearly two decades ago, side airbags was a mere option and electric steering was a perk. Now, cars come standard with a bazillion safety features, power everything, and loads of technology – all a car company has to do is just appeal to the consumer.

Standing back and looking at the, again, slightly refreshed 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, I ponder the question, “how is this still on the market?” While the Outlander Sport was a trend setter back in 2010, starting the whole cute-ute epidemic, now 8 years later, it seems as if Mitsubishi is stuck in a rut, and they can’t get out. However, while parking on the downtown streets of Phoenix, an early something 20 year old girl going to college stopped in her footsteps, turned around and commented “cute car.” In that instant, my whole perspective changed.


The Outlander Sport isn’t a vehicle for car people – it’s for young adults, that need to get to point a and point b. And as I start to look at everything the Outlander Sport has – I must admit, it’s a pretty impressive little crossover. This top of the line SEL starting at $25,895 has just about everything from automatic windshield wipers, HID headlights, 18-inch wheels, leather seats, a full glass roof with glowing LED ambient lighting and a killer Rockford Fosgate sound system.

While its 2.4-liter engine isn’t an award winner, its 166-horsepower “go-team-go” attitude is just enough to swift around the city streets with ease. It handles with confidence with very little effort in steering motions and the suspension rides nice and cozy on the standard 18-inch wheels.


With texting and driving being all the rage these days, the Outlander Sport offers a $2000 Touring package that adds in Forward Collision Mitigation – which means if you’re not paying attention, and it recognizes you’re about to hit an object, it will apply the brakes for you to avoid an accident. It also incorporates Lane Departure Warning and Automatic High Beams, both to assist in the moments the driver is distracted.

Every year the Outlander Sport gets something new and innovating to keep it young and hip in this fast moving world. 2018 incorporates a new touch screen interface with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. New, user friendly, premium center console design with gear sifter. The overall interior feels a little more premium with better quality materials. And the Outlander Sport also received new front and rear, more design oriented bumpers. It’s more attractive than its previous plane jane appearance.


We can sit here and point out all the wrong with the Outlander Sport or just go with the flow. A crossover for those that enjoy the features and can appreciate its appearance more than performance is okay in our book.




  1. I think you summarized it well here – a crossover for people who don’t care about being the first from stoplight A to stoplight B, because they’re too busy jamming out to Ace of Base on their Rockford Fosgate sound system. Oh, I guess that’s just me.

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