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Hui: A new way to get around Honolulu, Hawaii

There is a new way to get around Hawaii and it doesn’t involve long lines or a smelly rental car. A new car share reservation app, Hui in partner with Toyota & Lexus and operated by Servco is making a new, hassle free way of renting a car without the hassles of a rental car company.

Hui Prius 2.jpg

Like the popular ZIP Car, Hui, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, works strictly through its app based platform similar to those renting bicycles or scooters, offering 3-available forms of transportation with the option to rent by the hour or by the day. Starting at $9.95 an hour or $79.60 a day, The Escape is the perfect form of economical commuting whether its to the office or a quick quest with a choice from a Toyota Prius or the Prius Prime hybrids. Wanting something with a little more excitement to explore the city? Perhaps The Thrill with a Toyota Camry XSE for $13.95 an hour or $111.60 a day. Or if you feel like treating yourself to something a little more classy, perhaps a night out on the town – there’s The Personal Treat for $19.95 an hour or $159.60 for the day and that will get you into their luxury SUV, Lexus RX or RX F SPORT with the RX L on its way.

Hui Camry and Lexus.jpg

Hui makes everything easy for the user – there are 25 easily accessible  locations within the city of Honolulu, cars are parked in specialized reserved spaces – choose the closest station and select the car you want. Once the reservation becomes active, your smartphone is the key to access the vehicle – lock, unlock and start the car without ever using a physical key.  And when your finished, park the vehicle back where it was picked, lock it, and you’re all set.

Hui takes car sharing to whole new level than renting a car. Everything is included with Hui from Insurance, cleaning and even gas. Each car comes with a universal gas card, all Hui asks is that the car is returned with at least minimum ¼ tank of fuel. If you have a furry friend, Hui accepts all animals as long as they’re in a locked carrier. If you have a Service Animal, with enough advance noticed, Hui can plan ahead and prepare your car for you.

Renting a car is in the past. Whether you live in a Honolulu or just traveling through – Hui has your back for whatever needs come your way. The city is yours to play in, what do you plan to do with in it? For more information, Hui locations, and terms & conditions, visit


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