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End of an Era, Get One While Supplies Last: 2018 Ford Fusion Sport 2.7L EcoBoost V-6

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Every couple of decades, a car manufacturer goes through a dramatic reconfiguration – adjusting to the markets, current and future demands. As technology vastly develops and the demand for crossover continues to rapidly evolve, the need for sedans is slowly starting to become obsolete. Therefore, it was announced that Ford has ultimately decided to restructure their lineup by pulling all of their family friendly, four-door models by year 2020.

Now this is a real pity. Over the years, Ford has developed some iconic performance-oriented sleepers that made mundane daily driving more energetic and gratifying for those that didn’t want to step up into the high profile way of life. The Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST were some of the more, well known, high performing products, but what most consumers weren’t aware of, was the sneaky mid-size sedan that produced 325-horsepower, punching out 380lb-ft of torque – out performing everything in its class. They called it the Fusion Sport.

At the foreground, there aren’t many difference between the Sport and a standard Fusion. The Sport is the most expensive Fusion you could buy starting at 40,015. The subtle differences bring in a black mesh grille, upgraded dark graphite 19-wheels and quad-tipped exhaust system. Being at the top of the line however, the Sport continues to offer the classy state of the Fusion design elements and sophisticated elegance with LED lighting everywhere.

The main difference between the Sport and the rest of the Fusion line up is the power packed 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 under the hood. Supporting sports car horsepower, this sleek sleeper chows out 0-60 time in just 5-seoncds. The Sport comes standard with Ford’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system that helps manage to lay down all its power through its six-speed automatic transmission. Off the line, it maintains self-control with even power distribution going through each wheel.

Where the Fusion Sport may be a speed junkie, it isn’t quite like the ST hot hatch performers from the Fiesta and Focus. The Fusion Sport primarily focuses on straight line performance rather than being a back road tackler. Its smooth composure, light steering and comfortable, yet lack of side bolstering seats speak differently in the corners. The Fusion Sport still has its fun on those twisty bit of the mountain roads, just takes a little bit of extra creativity not to slide out of the driver seat.

Carrying its forty thousand dollar price tag, it supports all the comfort and techy features that we’ve become oh so familiarized with. Leather and suede generate a premium atmosphere with $395 heated and cooled features. The SYNC3 infotainment system with Apple Car & Android Auto was upgraded with the $795 Navigation System. Our tester was also equipped with $1190 Stop/Go Adaptive Cruise Control, $1625 Driver Assist Package and $995 Enhanced Park Assist which made it handy dealing with Los Angeles traffic.

Despite being on the market for nearly 7 years, the Fusion still transmits an element of class and style. The interior fundamentals support a spacious setting for all passengers. And sure, compared to the newer trends from Mazda, Honda and Toyota, the interior starts to show some of its age, but is easily masked once our foot hits the floor.

Ford officially announced that the Fiesta, Fusion and Taurus are to be the one subject to termination. While the Focus will remain with us, it is rumored Ford may have different plans to turn the Focus into a more cross active lifestyle vehicle verses the simple hatch we know of today. It’s always a sad sight to see manufacturers moving in this direction – however, that only leaves a future of opportunity open for new ideas – they’ll just be in crossover form. But if you want a fly moving, family sedan that sneaks in under the radar and crushes highway speeds like a toddler crushing ants – hurry now, because the Fusion Sport won’t be here much longer.




  1. I was like, “I don’t even remember this ever being at the house.” Then I realized it’s what you drove in LA. 325 hp is pretty darn zippy. Future collectible!

    • Yes, I don’t think you really got see or ride in this one while out there. This is definitely going to be a future classic. Its such a sleeper nobody but the owner and few enthusiast will know what it truly is and respect it for it.

  2. Kind of feels that Ford is throwing out the baby with the bath water. Fusion was not a bad car (my company car many years), just needed more of a refresh to match the Accord, Mazda 6 and Camry. Tbh, if they had stayed with Mazda, maybe they could have continued US sedan development in this SUV era.
    That new 3 pot Fiesta ST in Europe seems to be getting great reviews, the interior is so much better than Fords of old.

    • Ironically they have the chassis development to keep up with Honda and Mazda. A little tweak here and little weld there and they’ll have a solid competitor. We’ll see what comes out of these changes. Things always seem to go in cycles and come back around.

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