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Mercedes-Benz has been raising the bar in suit of developing an ultimate profligate passion in superfluity as the S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet integrate minor refreshments as it rolled out last year in 2018. Being that the S-Class roof hasn’t been detached since the early 1970’s, it’s open top comportment eradicates the protected bubble that isolates the world as it strolls down cobblestone pavement lined with retail therapeutic gatherings where the two-seater Mercedes SL roadster once roamed.


Without changing too much to the S-Class Coupe & Cabriolet presence, the subtle refinement exploits a superior finesse in its details. Altering its naming convention, the once S 550 is now termed as the S 560. Notions made to the front grille and lower fascia manifests a progressive, sprightly style. Developing an innovated form of LED lighting, the rear taillights feature wafer-thin layers of organic material that is then printed on a glass plate and made to illuminate – the result generates a unique floating visual of 66-ultra flat OLED’s. As if the S-Class Cabriolet wasn’t already a sight for the sore eyes, incorporating the $5900 AMG Body Lines Package elevates the sculpted attendance with wider side sills, diamond block chrome grille, quad trapezoidal tailpipes and while habitually fitted with 19-inch wheels, the added $750 upgradable 20-inch AMG wheels gave it that extra pleasure we all desire. However, enjoying the finer sights of the $1750 elective Swarovski crystal accent headlamps is just that extra tip of indulgence that makes it even more that much special.

In the event that the AMG S 63 Cabriolet’s 603-horsepower, 4.0-liter Handcrafted bi-turbo V-8 engine that will do 0-60 in 3.4-seconds is just, maybe too much power for a run to the shops – the newly implemented 4.0-liter bi-turbo V-8 in the S 560 replaces the old 4.7-liter twin-turbo V-8. With a 14-horsepower increase now making 463 with 516 lb-ft of torque, there is no shortage of doubt that we sees 0-60 mph in 4.6-seconds. Coupled to a nine-speed automatic, there is an urbane motion to its delicate arrangement. Without feeling a hint of transmission shuffling, the sensation of serenity overcomes and we sometimes forget the transmission is even doing its part. Nine gears can seems as if it could get busy at times, especially around town; however, the engineering development has managed to extract a level of refinement to its cue that every gear manages to find its place at the right time.


Although the S 560 Coupe can be found standardly equipped with 4MATIC all-wheel drive, the Cabriolet in fact is only sold in rear-wheel drive format only. I guess seeing that it will be sold in warmer climates. Despite losing grip from the other two wheels, once performance has been planted to the asphalt, there is a little surprise found behind this floating basilica. Engaging sport mode sends a surge of gusto through the finger tips as we plant our foot to the floor. Spinning up the revolutions, there’s a elusive disobedient sound coming from the rear at each gear shift leaving a subtle hint of what else it may have up its sleeve.

While the S 560 will mostly be seen within the city limits, its athletic composure untwines a level of spirited dynamics of its own. Contained to the diurnal humdrum, there is a peaceful tranquility to its soft leisurely demeanor. What bump? In the efforts of exploring beyond the concrete walls, switching into sport mode changes the behavior in the steering and suspension – its motions go from a day of lounging at the spa to an afternoon skydiving session with an instructor named Bud. And yet while having a tighter corset, its ride quality remains just as comfortable. With traction control engaged (because it took us too long to find out how to turn it off,) the S 560 wags it rear end like a rug pulling out from under an overly excited Schnauzer.

Exploiting a side that very little will find, this S 560 with its deep throated V-8 and quick advances makes us want to pull up next to a hooker, throw a stack of bills and peel out in a cloud of smoke. However, the only thing emptying our wallets won’t be the rent-by-the-hour motels, but the gas bill to come after averaging just a hair over 11-mpg’s.  Perhaps some sensibility could be had after we found a 29 mpg reading during our highway test.

Isolated by the outside sounds through a heavily insulated roof and dual panel glass, there is a peaceful demonstration of extravagance. The true beauty however, falls behinds its blue fabric coverall. By using the key fob, the S 560 drops it top quicker than losing twenty dollars on a lunch hour stripper in just over 20-seconds. For even the size of the S 560, calling it a four-seater is a bit deceptive. Luckily, whomever falls to the power of the course to sit in the back will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of comfort and space – even with the roof up, there is suitable head room. It comes as no surprise then that the sumptuous Nappa leather upholstered interior is of utmost desirable and fitting for its six-figure price tag. Our tester featured a stunning display of luxury with a Designo porcelain and deep sea blue contrast interior with a gorgeous black lacquer wood accent. For as subtle as the exterior changes were for the mid-cycle refresh, the interior is nearly impossible to spot the differences with the only major change being to the 12.3-inch dual high-resolution display and COMAND Navigation system merged under a singled glass panel.


Fitted with nearly $30,000 in options, our S 560 quickly jumped from its base $134,300 to $162,545 encompassing a $2700 Premium Package with heated activating massaging seats and surround view camera – a $1990 Warmth & Comfort Package with heated rear seats, steering wheel, side armrest panel, and center console – a $6400 Burmester 3D Surround Sound System – a $2260 Night View Assist PLUS – a $2250 Driver Assistance Package with all the latest in advance accident avoidance hardware and a $125 Air Fragrance.

Despite being that the $180,100 S 63 AMG’s bark is bigger than its bite or that the $253,550 S 65 and its biturbo V-12 engine is like discovering your mistress is into pegging, the S 560 provides that comfortable steadiness of quantified superiority mixed with a little moment of role-play to keep the spice of life stimulating.


Starting Price: $134,300
As Tested: $162,545


Engine: 4.0-LITER BI-TURBO V-8
Horsepower/Torque: 463-HORSEPOWER / 516 LB-FT TORQUE
Fuel Economy: EPA RATED: 17-CITY / 26-HWY / 200-COMBINED
Fuel Range: 410 MILES (REAL WORLD: 200 MILES)
0-60 MPH: ±4.6 SECONDS


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