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It is no secret that Dodge is discontinuing production on the Challenger & Charger after 2023. But knowing Dodge, they are not going down quietly and have since released news that they are distributing a series of seven special “Last Call” editions into the final days. First one on the list, the Shakedown. 

To get the Shakedown, one must skip the commoner rental line for the belly of the beast, 485-horsepower R/T Scat Pack or Widebody starting at $47,495. Hop onto the builder’s site and you’ll notice the Shakedown graphics seems to be fairly reasonably priced, but as part of the graphics one must fork out an additional $7980 on optional extras like the T/A Package & Shaker Package – basically all the stuff that makes it badass.  

Inspired by a concept car revealed at the 2016 SEMA auto show, the Shakedown was a retrofitted 1971 Challenger using modern day Challenger parts. This version uses similar graphics on its exterior that includes a set of stripes running the entire length of the car with three black lines and a single red line along with 392 badging on the side fenders. Inside, the Shakedown edition comes with Nappa black leather seats and microsuede accents with a hint of sparkle in the material, like glitter on a stripper. Even red seatbelts are added but may clash with your side pieces outfit. However, after stomping on the loud peddle and releasing the 6.4-liter HEMI V8 and all of its 485-horsepower, you won’t be too worried about the color of the seats belts when you’re fighting to keep it in a straight line and learning to tame the beast.  

Rolling on nearly a decade, sure the Challenger is outdated compared to some of the new cars on the market. But five-seconds behind the wheel, you toss common sense to the wind. Yes, give me a 14-mpg muscle car that makes me worried if I’ll fit through a width restricted street or nervous to park anywhere – hell you’re in a Challenger, the rules don’t say you need to occupy just one parking space., right? And if someone gives you shit, just tell them to stop being such a little bitch, because you’re in a Challenger.  

As a driver’s car, we pretty much touched all the basis of what the Challenger is like when we tested one a couple of years ago. Considering nothing has changed since, we stand by our assessment, that this is one cool kitty. However, if you want your hands on a Shakedown, you must work fast as only 1,000 of them will be produced and split between the standard Scat Pack and the Widebody. Most likely all 1000 units have already been sold or order; but thus not need to worry though, there are to be six additional “Last Call” models that include the Charger Super Bee, Challenger & Charger R/T Scat Pack Swinger, Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody King Daytona, Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody Black Ghost, and the Challenger SRT Demon 170. 

Now, if you’re someone that wants something truly special and willing to pay an extra $25,999, Dodge is offering an option to turn your Challenger into a convertible. Now this isn’t just something you can pick up at your local dealership, this is a custom special order that can be processed through a dealership, but Dodge will ship the car from the factory to a third body company, Drop Top Customs before shipping it the consumer.  

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