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Where’d We Go: Hiking through West Fork, Sedona, Arizona


Fall is in the air which means it’s time for us Arizonan’s to break out our winter wear – just kidding. But seriously… burr. Tis the season however for hiking – be gone triple digit temps and let us enjoy some of the special places Arizona has to offer – like Sedona.

Sedona is a notorious tourist hot spot no matter what the weather is like – but since I know when the best time of the season to go is – I simply missed it by two weeks – when the flowers were bloomed and the leaves were just starting to turn. Oh well.


Heading out of PHX

My journey this time took me to a 10-mile trail known as West Fork of Oak Creek, just north of Sedona with two other friends and their little Aussie pup Midge. Getting to Sedona is usually pretty easy – it’s a straight shot north from Phoenix. And since I had the new 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat with a 5.0-liter V-8 on tap, it ate up Interstate 17 like kids eating their candy on Halloween. Plus it’ll happily occupied all three of us and the pup in lavish comfort and air conditioned seats. 


Crash ahead… o_O

As we approached Sedona, we got stuck sitting 20-cars back for about 30-minutes after a head on collision was blocking the road – someone wasn’t having a very good day. We decided it was best to back track up through Flagstaff and come down the other end. This tacked on about an hour to a trip but it was well worth the scenic drive down Highway 89A. For a brief moment, I was wishing I had the new Focus RS for something these switchback and hairpin turns, the F-150 was a little to big and tall for the job at hand. 

The trail was as pretty as one can expect. We hiked about 2 of the 10-miles of the trail considering it took us 2-hours to get that far. The trail was fairly simple consisting of light grade changes and multiple river crossing – which Midge the Aussie pup loved. It was a great day for a hike, the sun was out but most of the trail was shaded by all the trees. Most of the leaves had fallen and all the flowers had died off unfortunately. But that didn’t stop us from snapping pictures and taking in the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona.

Since we had to be back to Phoenix for a Halloween Party – we cut the trail very much short and headed back into Sedona for a quick bite to eat at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants, Javelina Cantina for some of the best Chimichanga’s and Fajita’s in Arizona. The chicken is just so moist and succulent. My Mom swears by a gourmet Deli Shop just south of Sedona called The Village Grind – one of these day’s I need to check that out for myself.

This was just short quick trip for the day and with the temperatures getting lower and lower – more quick trips shall come… so stay tuned…




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