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2015 Los Angeles International Auto Show


It’s that time of year again when Los Angeles welcomes all of the automotive journalist and enthusiasts in with open doors to get a sneak peak of the new upcoming 2015 and 2016 modeled vehicles. Now, we are going to do something a little different here – we’re sure, by now, most of you have read about the 2015 L.A. Auto Show and read about some of the new cars… so what we’re going to do is focus more on what we are excited to experience and review for this next upcoming year.


Since our latest drive in their new entry level A3, they’ve come up with a couple more idea’s and introduced a Convertible version and a pocket rocket S3. The new S3 will have a turbocharged four-cylinder that will put out over 290 horsepower and 280lb-ft of torque, add all-wheel drive to the mix, and it should be like eating a chilly pepper – full of spice.

Other news from Audi is the all new fully redesigned and engineered TT. We are very excited for this one. The Audi TTS will have the same engine and horsepower as the S3 mentioned above, but features a more eye catching look and a very techno savvy luscious interior. While we don’t expect this one to hit the Phoenix fleet anytime soon, we’ll be sure to have our fingers crossed.


Exciting news from Volvo hit the internet highway several months back announcing its all new redesigned XC90. Nearly 12 years with the same body style, the XC90 was way overdue for an upgrade. Thing is though, how to change perfection? The previous XC90 was one of the best mid-sized luxury SUV’s money could buy; leave it to Volvo to do it again. This new XC90 is fantastic! We don’t suspect the new XC90 will be arriving in Phoenix anytime next year, but we do hope to be behind the wheel sometime in 2016.


Several months ago Infiniti showed off its new slightly overhauled Q70 long-wheel based edition adding nearly 6-inches of extra leg room to back for those business executives that couldn’t be bothered to drive.  This new look is similar to the Q50 we drove in the better part of 2014 and we must say, it suits this Q70 nicely.


Cadillac debut its new “V” series ATS and ATS Coupe. Designed to tackle the BMW M4 and Mercedes C63 AMG, we say good luck. After our experience behind the wheel of the Cadillac CTS VSport, it proved to be a competitive brand. Though a V-8 would have been cool, they pulled the same 3.6-liter twin turbo V-6 from the CTS and boosted power to 455 horsepower and 445lb-ft of torque. Sounds like it will be all kinds of trouble. This ATS V debut new for 2016, but we have a feeling it will make its way to Phoenix long before then.


Mazda was on our hot list to check out, partly because of its new CX-3 crossover debut, but mostly for the new MX-5 Roadster. Completely new from the ground up, the new MX-5 is quite the sight to see. We didn’t get the full specs, but everyone suspects it will blow the doors off its last generation.

Now we don’t mind some new crossovers, and the new CX-3 looks very much the part amongst Mazda’s new line-up. We have high hopes that it will be half as good as the CX-5 we drove to the top of Pikes Peak in Denver, Colorado.


Every year it seems like Kia launches a new Sorento; however, this year they claim this one is all new with a longer wheel base, wider stance, and taller body. If you’ve seen the new Sedona, that’s what you can expect – they’ve cleaned up the lines and gave it a more grown up look and aggressive stance. We’ve always admired the Sorento’s and we don’t suspect we’ll be disappointed.


Nissan is finally releasing its all new Murano next month to be sold… it’s about time! The styling is a bit bold and if you love abstract, it’s definitely one to look at. We quite like where Nissan is headed with their space ship, out of this world design – we only hope the Maxima will look just as good. Now if we can just convince them to chuck the CVT transmission.

Fiat & Honda

A couple of cars that we most likely won’t have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of, but would enjoy to check out is the all new to Honda HR-V and new to Fiat 500-X. They both are small crossovers that fit into the urban world of city life with an adventurer seeking side. It helps that they both are fairly easy on the eyes.

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