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Succession into a premium brand is not an easy thing – not only is the competition going to be tough, but considering that even something as generic as a Hyundai Elantra can hold a premium essence, being “premium” anymore just isn’t enough. With Genesis latest addition into the mid-size premium crossover segment, the all-new GV70 explores the sights of quality that make it just a little more forward thinking into the luxury world than a premium one. 

Just looking at the Genesis GV70 is almost sinful – the lines and smoothness of the body is full of lustful inquires. It’s the kind of crossover that makes you stop dead in your tracks for a second look – is that a new Bentley, no… a new Porsche? The design overwhelms our senses with the exquisite touches of details like the LED headlights that are perfectly in line with the LED taillights. And that’s before we get into the special design ques from our top trimmed Sport Prestige with its massive 21-inch wheels and gapping oversized exhaust tips.

Lifting up its skirt, our Genesis GV70 is quite the naughty little devil – equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6, it produces 375-horsepower with 391lb-ft of torque punching through a smooth shifting 8-speed automatic. Taking under 5-seconds to 60-mph, it moves off the line quicker than a stripper in a V.I.P. lounge.

Sadly, not all Genesis GV70’s are equipped with such erotic inappropriate behavior… saving $11,600, the 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder is a viable alternative that can still drop your pants and show you a good time. Supporting 300-horsepower and 311lb-ft of torque, it can see the better half of 5.5-seconds to 60-mph and even save a few extra pennies at the fuel pump. All-wheel drive is a standard commodity on the GV70 with either engine option, but because its following the receipt of sporty engineering, its all-wheel drive system has a rear-axle preference and can send all of its power to rear wheels showing just how much it means business. 

There is no denying the punchiness of the GV70’s 3.5-V6 engine – but it is what it does with all that power that is most impressive. The turbocharger is quick to the draw like a John Wayne Wild West shootout – no matter what gear or what speed, foot down and it just goes without hesitation. The transmission shuffles through its gears smoothly as if their non-existent. And then it’s the trouble making delivery that just keeps on giving long past the three digits on the speedometer… allegedly. It continuous to be impressively smooth beyond triple digits speed… again, allegedly.

Now, the GV70 doesn’t always have a horny little devil egging on inappropriate behavior, there is sweetness to it as well. Genesis is mastering the art of luxury when it comes to its ride and composure, driving like it carries a six-figure price tag, the GV70’s suspension is somehow so well in-tuned under its Comfort drive mode, we hardly felt any of the road under our tires. Even, the cabin isolates sound so well; it felt like we were in the Library of Congress.   

With Porsche-like reflects on the throttle, the GV70 doesn’t quite drive like a Porsche. Not to say it doesn’t handle well – just not as well as a sporty crossover should. The steering is firm and receptive with lateral poise. On a twisty road there is fun to be had, but there is a limit to that fun. It drives more like a posh, luxury crossover than its steering wheel paddle shifters and groovy sport designed digital cluster display leads on.

Inside, things escalated quickly.  Cocooned by a sea of Nappa leather and suede, the interior is miles beyond any premium crossover in its segments. The design is elegantly simple with a retro 1950’s throwback feel of oval design used in the details – the use of real metal and carbon fiber elevate the cabin to a new whole new level. Even the use of crystal glass on the gear shift selection and infotainment control, while is a small detail, makes the GV70 feel much more special than any of its competition.

The cabin space is utterly supreme in our Sport Prestige – the seats were incredibly comfortable with ergonomic body motion assist that can help keep the blood flowing and the driver alert after a long period of driving. There is a downside to all this comfort however, and it falls towards the rear seats – even though rear seat occupants can enjoy the highest of comforts of heated seats and a third-zone climate control, the back seat is a bit cramp given the GV70’s mid-sized stature.

Equipped with all the usual goodies that would follow any premium vehicle, the Genesis GV70 carries a long list of comfort creature features and safety hardware that will make any buyer swoon. Separating itself from the others however, Genesis ups the ante a little more with things like Fingerprint Recognition that can allow you to start the vehicle without a key, one of the best adaptive cruise control systems with bumper-to-bumper traffic Highway Driving Assist, and a stunning 3D digital instrument cluster display that simply could not be captured on camera.

In a segment surrounded by brilliantly engineered and crafted premium crossovers like the Volvo XC60, BMW X5 and Porsche Macan, the Genesis GV70 has brought plenty of powerful gadgets and performance to the table that should leave these premium brands worried for their quarterly sales report.

Vehicle:2022 Genesis GV70 3.5 AWD Sport Prestige
Base Price:$52,600
As-Tested Price:$64,045
Engine:3.5-liter Twin-Turbocharged V-6
Horsepower/Torque :375-horspower / 391 lbs-ft of torque
Transmission:8-speed Automatic
Drivetrain:All-Wheel Drive
MPG:19 | 25 | 21 (City | Highway | Combined)
As-Tested MPG:20.5- Combined MPG
Fuel Range:300-Miles
0-60 MPH:5.0-seconds


  1. The GV70 is getting all kind of accolades which appear to be well deserved. BUT I have a friend who wants one bad but there is no dealer in Tucson. The only dealer in Phoenix who was civil to him was a Hyundai/Genesis dualed dealer on the east side of Phoenix. A luxury brand needs an luxury dealership body and Genesis does not have that.

    And you failed to mention the Mercedes-Benz GLC/ GLE as a competitor…..😂

  2. Hopefully we start seeing more individualized Genesis dealers over the next 5-years as more models are released. I can imagine its difficult to finance a multi-million dollar dealership on a brand that is relatively new.

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